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How to propagate Crassula

Jade - a symbol of success, prosperity and a stable income. It is believed that it is able to attract good luck into the house and wealth. With proper care money tree will grow throughout the year and to give the cuttings, that can be used to propagate the plant. The process of rooting takes place quickly, which is why Crassula well suited for breeding. In addition to grafting, the plant can be propagated and leaf blade.

How to propagate Crassula

You will need:

- cuttings or leaf; - Soil; - Any preparation for the rapid formation of roots.

Instruction how to propagate Crassula

Step 1:

Reproduction cherenkamiVnimatelno check for the presence of a Crassula processes. It is important that the plant has been sufficiently formed and adult. Cuttings can pinch off only after they reach ten centimeters, shorter is better not to touch it, and give them time to get stronger.

Step 2:

Rooting cuttings can be directly in the water or planting in the ground. For greater effect, a little dry the existing process, leaving it for a while in the shade. Then place it in a small container half filled with boiling water. Make sure that the leaves are not on direct sunlight. After two or three weeks will be the first roots. This means that the plant is already possible to plant in a pot.

Step 3:

For rooting in the soil pre-prepare the soil in which you plant process. Earth best used mixed with sand, must be at the bottom of the pot drainage. Make a small indentation in the soil, carefully place the process and sprinkle it, but not compacted since the land should be slightly loose. Do not fill the plant, otherwise stalk begins to rot. Watering is recommended as drying earthen clod. During rooting, try to ensure peace and Jade did not carry it from place to place.

Step 4:

Reproduction listyamiLuchshe all take root limp leaves. For this reason, first leaf leave for a day in a secure place by the sun, and then proceed to the rooting. Lower leaf in a bottle of water, make sure that the lower part immersed in water at 0.5 cm. Additionally, you can add any drug that will promote rapid root formation. Capacity leave in a bright and warm place until roots.

Step 5:

To root the leaf in the soil, prikopat its lower part to the ground at a shallow depth. Keep an eye on the state of soil and do not allow excess moisture, otherwise it may rot. If you wish, you can make a small teplichku, covering a plant or a conventional glass film. Several times a day created by the greenhouse open to a little ventilate the soil and the plant.