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How to protect the garden area of ​​the cat

In summer, many citizens are moving to live in the garden and take away with them their pets, mostly cats. At the same time many people do not realize about the harm of garden plots can cause an animal.

How to protect the garden area of ​​the cat

You will need:

- metal grid; - Collar with bells; - Repellent spray cats; - Repellent device with a motion detector; - Vinegar, orange peel and cayenne pepper; - Coleus seeds canine.

Instruction how to protect the cats from the garden plot

Step 1:

Use metal mesh stretched between wooden pegs to protect cats from the individual garden plots, for example, a bed with young plants.

Step 2:

Planted plants in a flower bed so that their leaves completely covered with soil. In this case, the cat will not defecate among the flowering shrubs. Furthermore, this method allows the fit to retain moisture in the soil.

Step 3:

Try to time moisten the soil at the site. Cats love to dig out the light and dry soil and avoid contact with damp earth.

Step 4:

Take care of songbirds, from time to time visiting your garden. Install bird feeders on poles near a natural refuge, for example, bushes. To protect birds from cats, buy for your pet collar with bells. His ringing will warn about the dangers of bird and cat greatly complicate the hunt.

Step 5:

Locked at night animal in the house. Night Cat is sometimes active hunting. In addition, and at night you can not stop her from ruin a bird's nest or dig up the beds in search of wormholes.

Step 6:

Purchase a special means to deter cats. There are three types of such devices: aerosols, ultrasonic devices and water sprayers. Aerosols contain an unpleasant smell for cats, they are sprayed area places that must be protected from cats. Electronic devices equipped with a motion detector, when the animal approached emit a sound inaudible to humans but irritating cats. Water sprinklers also include a motion detector and included the appearance of cats in the affected area.

Step 7:

Use repellent cats different substance with a pungent odor: cayenne pepper, orange peel or vinegar. If you want to permanently protect cats from a separate corner of the garden, without using complex devices and odors, landed on its border canine Coleus, which allocates to the touch almost imperceptible to humans, but highly annoying cat odor.