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How to protect the garden from rodents

In winter, the invasion of rodents become a real disaster for the garden. In the harsh winter all fruit trees can be significantly spoiled, and young planting destroyed. To protect fruit trees from rodents, you need to take care and to take all precautions.

How to protect the garden from rodents

You will need:

- Bordeaux mixture; - Spray gun; - Wood ash; - Wool; - Roofing; - Bait; - Repellents; - Mousetrap.

Instruction how to protect the garden from rodents

Step 1:

After the end of the gardening season carefully Shovel all fallen leaves, fold in the compost pit or burn. Tree trunks and skeletal branches treat from a spray solution of Bordeaux mixture. In order not to burn the trees will be enough to dissolve agent in a ratio of 1 to 10. Rodents absolutely can not tolerate the smell of Bordeaux mixture, even in the time of starvation, they will bypass your side portion.

Step 2:

Wrap the trunks of the trees with a thin layer of glass wool on top of it fix roofing material. Around the trunks pour a thick layer of wood ash. As soon as the first snow falls, carefully tamp it around the barrel, pour water. Through the icy crust of rodents can not get to the cortex, which they gnaw around.

Step 3:

To destroy rodents and reduce their livestock use special means in blocks or packets. Their you can buy at the regional office of sanitary Antiepidemic station or in shops that are specialized in the sale of goods for the garden.

Step 4:

Lay the bait in a country house, in the vegetable store, scatter around fruit trees. To prevent the destruction of birds, laid bricks or bags into the narrow tube. All baits have specific smell, which attracts rodents. To briquettes had the smell of your hands, when unfolded, wear sterile medical gloves.

Step 5:

In addition, arrange around the perimeter of the suburban area deterrent. Modern devices effectively cope with their task. All kinds of rodents will get your site side. Work tools can be from the mains or batteries.

Step 6:

Mousetrap can be used as additional resources. The disadvantage is that after getting a mouse or rat rodent you have to remove and re-set the device to a working state. If you do not visit the cottage is often enough to use the mousetrap does not make sense.