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How to protect your apartment from theft

The number of burglaries usually increases in the summer, when people go somewhere to relax. In order not to overshadow the trip alarming news about the theft, you should take care of his home.

How to protect your apartment from theft

Thieves do not come to the apartment at random, they are carefully eyeing each option. Often wealthy tenant give the door and the contents of the balcony (curtains, flowers, pictures, a bicycle or treadmill, etc.). The smarter the front door and a balcony, the more likely that you have something to steal. Do not expose the acquired property on display, and thieves to you do not turn up.

However, if a new door is already installed and remove the road bike from the balcony of nowhere, the best option to protect the apartment from breaking is to install an alarm. But not everyone can afford such a luxury. Option simpler to use fakes - stick the sticker on the door "under the protection" above the door or install red light like the one that is used for signaling.

Attackers can watch the object for a long time. Understand that watching you, it is simple: pay attention to every detail - a match or wrapper thrown near your door or inserted in the cracks in the door, can be used for thieves sources of information: if an obstacle is removed, then the man came home, or, on the contrary, came out .

Try to notice what kind of people are in your backyard, and often communicate with their neighbors. If you are familiar with almost all someone else's remembered for once you and arouse suspicion. Also, never advertised, that leave - tell enough 1-2 families. You can give them the keys to look after the apartment during your absence.

One of the creative options for protection against burglary is considered a musical alarm clock. Set the timer and volume so that the melody is played every day at the same time three times (morning, afternoon and evening), and the music could be heard (if the rest my ear to your door). The effect of presence will be provided.