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How to pull the netting

Mesh netting used for fencing suburban areas, private estates, and poultry houses. Its use can significantly reduce the cost of the fence sections. Also mesh-netting valued for a long service life and ease of installation, which can be done as soon as possible, with only one assistant to precisely set the poles and stretch mesh.

How to pull the netting

You will need:

- pillars; - Solution or gravel and sand; - Shovel or auger; - Rabitz; - Area, wooden slats or wire; - Fixing or nails; - Hammer, pliers; - Paint; - Mastic; - Waste oil and roofing material.

Instruction how to pull the netting

Step 1:

Prepare well for the pillars. You can them dig or drill. Install metal or wooden poles. Each pillar insert into the prepared pit, fill with cement mortar or ramming using gravel and sand. Check the evenness of the installation by a plumb.

Step 2:

Place the poles at a distance of no more than 4-5 meters. The best option - is to install 3-4 poles to the length of the mesh roll, so that it was not necessary to disconnect. So if you bought a 10 meter rolls, place the poles at a distance of 5 meters; if the roll 12 meter, install poles at a distance of 4 meters.

Step 3:

Attach the edge of the grid to the post. If you put the timber supports, it is not difficult to do ordinary nails. If iron poles before attaching the mesh, weld the special attachment, which you fasten it. You can also attach the mesh-wire netting, but this option is less reliable.

Step 4:

Top mesh attach to a wooden crate, a corner, or simply strengthen the wire. If you want to make a long-lasting barrier, set the iron poles, Weld area above and below, as well as mounting tabs. Stretch mesh and attach with wire.

Step 5:

Paint the pillars and cross. If you purchased the galvanized mesh, it is also better to paint. This fence will stay for at least 15-20 years and do not need to repair the fence.

Step 6:

If you put the wooden pillars, insulate the bottom, which will be located in the ground from moisture and rotting. This can be done using mastic or obmazhte poles used oil and wrap the roofing material.

Step 7:

If you set the poles and some have not calculated with a grid length, it is easily possible to reduce or lengthen. To do this, simply unscrew the stitch or woven into the desired length in the last line.

Step 8:

To set a goal of chain-link fencing make crate of wood or corner, attach the mesh, weld or screw the hinges to the pillars, and to crate a loop and hang the gate.