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How to pull the plug

When they say "break - not to build," they mean that it is easier to break. However, what is done on the conscience, break is not so simple. Old anchors in the wall held very tightly and do not want to get out immediately. Sometimes you can not immediately figure out how to take it steady fastener. It all depends on what kind of plug in front of you. And, of course, on your persistence.

How to pull the plug

Instruction how to pull the plug

Step 1:

DyubelMetallichesky metal dowel-nail to remove the most difficult. Take a heavy hammer and cranky krpezh. If not, then close, as close as possible to the dowels, drill another hole. With it will be easier to shatter. Crank pull plug were not working.

Step 2:

Plastic dyubelSluchaetsya that during the repair you shoot pictures and discover the old plastic anchor. More you do not need. Everything is easier. Leave it in place, it is obvious that when you delete a hole in the wall to increase. You do not want to close up again the wall, wasting time and energy. But if you need to drill a hole very close to the new anchors, the old still remove. Use an ordinary corkscrew. Screw it into the nylon and backwards to remove the plug from the wall. Freed seal the hole with plaster. When the plaster has hardened, you can drill a new hole next.

Step 3:

Plastic dowels with a broken self-tapping vnutriVot he make you work a little more seriously. Give up the idea to drill it, as self-tapping steel is very strong. We'll have to go to the trick.

Step 4:

Take a hot soldering iron in the 60-70 watt and heat plug with screw stub. Plastic plugs melt, and you pull out the needle or tweezers screw. If fast is not obtained, then the hook and screw through the tweezers warm it further. A few minutes later he was still thrown out.

Step 5:

Second sposobVozmite thin-walled steel pipe. The tube diameter is selected by taking into account the diameter of the dowel. At the end of the tube by means of needle files do four teeth. Use the resulting product as a drill. This handset will go into the hole without any problems and will be released directly with screws. Begin drilling at a small rotational speed and gradually increase it. Even if your anchor is made of durable material, high-speed steel pipe burn, and you can burn the dowel.