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How to put a frog according to Feng Shui

Feng Shui - ancient oriental doctrine, which has absorbed all sorts of methods and principles of harmony in human life through resettlement area, where he lives. That is the teaching of Feng Shui can tell you about how to accommodate this or that object, how to change the living space and working space as to attract in my life love, happiness, wealth and other benefits. Among these subjects important place is given to a three-legged toad, which today is one of the most common interior decoration, prinosyascheih wealth into the house.

How to put a frog according to Feng Shui

Instruction how to put a frog according to Feng Shui

Step 1:

Three-legged frog, which can be easily purchased at any store of pleasant things and gifts, Feng Shui - a talisman, attracting money luck, wealth and prosperity to the house in which it "lives".

Step 2:

In addition, Toad Feng Shui - it is also a symbol of immortality (longevity) as well as certain types of frogs are able to live a very long time, up to 40 years. This statue, as a rule, made of natural materials and is a different size figure of a toad, which sits on a pile of Chinese coins and / or holding a coin in the mouth.

Step 3:

It is important to not just buy a toad for interior decoration at home, garden, office, etc., it is important to place it correctly in the room.

Step 4:

Put the frog at the bottom of a fountain or garden pond (if any). As the Chinese themselves say, it is being in the water, the toad is able to generate even more money energy.

Step 5:

If water bodies in the form of ornamental fountains or pools you have not, define the south-eastern side of the habitation (room or a place in the room).

Step 6:

Put the frog on the floor, bedside table or desk on the left side (the far left corner) on your desktop or bed. It should take into account the fact that the frogs are afraid of heights and place them too high not to be.

Step 7:

Turn the frog so that it looked (depending on location) into the room or house. Put a frog smooth banknote.