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How to put a trap on bees

Every beekeeper knows that at the time of swarming bees can successfully catch not only a new swarm of their own hive, but also to start a family from another apiary. Catching a swarm can be ordinary and net, but this method is not always appropriate, and most importantly, quite a hassle. If you're determined to catch new bee colony, it is best to use a trap. But how did it correctly installed?

How to put a trap on bees

Instruction how to put a trap on bees

Step 1:

Set the trap at a certain height. On the tops of trees and telephone poles to climb should not be, but also on the ground to put a new bee house, too, is not necessary. Optimal height - a little taller than a man, so that the flying bees notice the construction. If you set a trap on the branches, it is necessary to fix it so that it is not overturned or fell. Wood for the installation, choose strong, with wide branches and spreading. It must be higher than all of its neighbors, firmly closed from view and be resistant. Thin Osinka or lime, swinging in the wind, bees do not attract.

Step 2:

Note the location of the place of his traps. It is not necessary to establish houses for bees near highways or power lines. Modern bees though accustomed to the relative noise, but still prefer to settle out of the din, dust and extraneous sounds. But if you know that nearby there is a telephone wire - this is a good bait for the swarm. Recent studies have shown that bees attracted to the sounds of the wires. Carefully inspect the nearby fields, it is best to trap was surrounded by honey plants.

Step 3:

An important factor - the presence of water. On the arrival of a new family and breeding of young bees consume a lot of fluids. For this reason, it is best to close your trap from space were ponds with clean running water. Also try to place houses with regard to make it easy to transport to the apiary after settling. Nearby must be convenient access road for the car or wagon.