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How to put beacons to tie

Lighthouses - This guide, which should be aligned with the floor screed is poured. Correctly exposed profiles help get the job done quickly, in accordance with all building codes and not to conduct additional alignment later.

How to put beacons to tie

You will need:

- metallic profile; - Level; - Screws; - Master OK; - Solution; - Board.

Instruction how to set beacons to tie

Step 1:

For beacons use a metal profile. This is the most reliable type of material, allowing perfectly straight to note the level at which you perform the fill. In an extreme case, it is acceptable as a beacon to use metal pipes, but their installation is more complicated than installing the profile.

Step 2:

Install the guide with a laser level. Place it at the highest point of the room, turn on. The beam forms a flat surface, on it you will be installing the guide beacons.

Step 3:

With the help of self-tapping screw the first guide profile on the opposite side of the room from the set of the laser level. In the line of beacons set all parallel to each other. The distance between the exposed profile in one row should not exceed 30 cm. The distance between the rows do 40-50 cm.

Step 4:

If you do not have a laser level, use the mounting device or water. Evenness ties check with a dry length of the board. Put it on exposed lighthouses, check the level. This method make a check on the entire perimeter of the exposed lighthouses. If the guides form a flat surface, start to close screed, but before that secure the installed beacons using cement mortar, that they would not move while pouring.

Step 5:

The solution is to prepare a concrete mixer at the rate of 1 part Portland cement grade 500 or 400, and 3 parts of pure and further sifted river sand. Water just blow gradually, until a homogeneous mass density of sour cream.

Step 6:

River sand tends to sag. To prevent this from happening, and the solution to get the most homogeneous, with stirring, add the 5 drops of any dense detergent for dishes.

Step 7:

Secure beacons, using a trowel. After 48 hours, pour the screed.