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How to put new tiles on the old

When repairing the bathroom or the toilet often resort to replace old tiles with new one. The process takes time, patience, financial expenses and necessary tool. To facilitate the work process and save time and money, the variant of laying new tiles on the old.

How to put new tiles on the old

Instruction how to put new tiles on the old

Step 1:

The first step - is to release the bathroom or toilet room from things. Make all that therein is: washing machine, bath, sink, toilet, floor mats, lockers, etc.

Step 2:

When the room is completely exempt from things, conduct a thorough wet cleaning of dirt and dust. We reserve the bathroom or powder room to dry completely.

Step 3:

The next step is to check out the old tile in the presence of various cracks, chips, as well as the evenness of the surface. If you find any inconsistencies or lying loose old tiles, an important condition is to conduct its dismantling. All this is necessary to form a sound basis for the future of the new tile,.

Step 4:

When you delete a single old tiles next step will be the alignment of surfaces using sand and cement mortar. If the deleted fragments proves to be too much, without the full dismantling of the old tile is no longer enough.

Step 5:

It is important to degrease the surface of the remainder of the old tiles and joints, even using any suitable degreasing agent (benzine, acetone, caustic soda). You can buy it at any hardware store or stroyrynka.

Step 6:

Responsible step - priming the old tile. It is better not to spare money for a good and high-quality primer, suitable, for example, "Concrete-Contact" or "Ceresit CN94".

Step 7:

Blot old tiles need to double. First, apply a coat and leave to dry completely. Then treat the floor and walls of the second layer. Usually, complete drying takes up to 6 hours.

Step 8:

When the surface of the floor and walls to dry completely and become rough, you can proceed to the application of glue mixture. To lay new tiles fit well proven adhesive mixtures Ivsil Profit, "Ceresit CM17" and Vetonit Renovation. Be sure to also comply with the condition that the new tile joints do not coincide with the old.