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How to put the washing machine

Improperly installed the washing machine may be accompanied by severe vibration and noise. In the presence of the liquid level of the building, and in some cases, and a movable spanner, the problem can be solved independently.

How to put the washing machine

Instruction how to set the washing machine

Step 1:

Please be aware that the washing machine should be installed on a firm, flat surface, such as a tiled floor in the bathroom or kitchen. If you put the machine on a wooden floor, sag under her weight, her work will be accompanied by strong vibration, and eventually the machine will fail.

Step 2:

Most washing machines are provided with adjustable feet which are arranged on each of the four corners at the bottom of the machine body. Each leg is a screw connection with a support made of plastic or rubber. Rotate the prop in a clockwise direction, you will achieve the reduction of the height of the legs, supports the rotation in the opposite side will increase the height of the foot.

Step 3:

Put the washing machine on the place where it will be installed, and with the help of liquid level, determine the degree of tilt of the machine in one direction or another. Foot rotating machine, adjust its position vertically and horizontally so that the level in any plane is zero. In some cases the screw feet support too heavy to rotate and adjust them should use a wrench bean type.

Step 4:

The weight of any of the washing machine is large enough and to put it on a level, it is best to involve the assistant. While one person will hold the machine at an angle, adjust the height of the second leg. If the area of ​​the room where the machine is located, allowing free access to all four legs, the work can be performed alone.