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How to put water meters

Almost every one of us in the crisis forced to save something, but when you consider the ever-increasing prices for hot and cold water, where it is either here, you need to take your money ?! With the installed water meters can be doubled to reduce the amount of monthly payments. For installation, you can invite a specialist plumbing (but it costs extra), but you can solve the problem yourself with the installation of water meters.

How to put water meters

You will need:

movable keys, linen, FUM tape, water meters, angular sanding machine, water filters.

Instruction how to put water meters

Step 1:

For independent installation of water meters in the first step is to submit an application to the HCS, obtain technical conditions with the sketch, and thus avoid problems with registration.

Step 2:

Look at the layout of the riser pipe, which is usually located in niches of communication in the bathroom. This is necessary for the proper assembly of materials for the installation. If you have installed disconnecting valves, replace their ball valves, that you choose many of the problems in the case of repairs.

Step 3:

After these preliminary works, you can begin to collect the mounted unit. For this area attach to the sewer riser, and make markings for the holes big collar, then drill them. For convenience, place a counter on the corner, do holes layout clamp, attach for extending from the nozzle body, and drill them.

Step 4:

Putting mounted unit, connect the meter to the filter (for swirling gas use keys), pre-wind the tape to the threads of FUM. Then attach the flexible liner, do not forget to wrap the thread tape and fix collars node.

Step 5:

Then shut off the water from the riser, disassemble the gas keys eviction. To do this, unscrew the lock nut, nut and remove the spigot of valves. If suddenly oxidized pipe, lubricate all parts with kerosene or brake fluid. Attach a large area with a collar mounted on the hub sewer standpipe.

Step 6:

During the installation of the corner, make sure that it has been mounted horizontally, straight sections to the counter should have not less than 75 mm, after it - at least 45 mm. After these works, connect the flexible liner to the shut-off valves: one side of the pipe, and the other to the mixer.

Step 7:

During the installation of the meter, make sure that the arrow on the body was sent in the course of the water. The filter should be connected with the counter on the inlet side of water. During installation tighten all connections carefully to ensure that no leaks were formed. Let the water. The same action again with a second counter. Now set the counters, you must register in the HCS.