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How to remove a tile

Repair work always involve the dismantling of old coats, the most difficult task, as practice shows, it is the removal of tiles. In the recent past, the tile was a matter of pride, and therefore put it forever, to remove a difficult, but possible.

How to remove a tile

You will need:

Prepare work gloves, mask, goggles, hammer, chisel, chisel, hammer, bump, grinders, plastic wrap.

Instruction how to remove a tile

Step 1:

To remove the tiles, it is first necessary to know the type of coating material from which it is made, on which the composition was adhered on any surface. Sometimes dismantling can be done by saving the tiles for future use, but in most cases to remove the tiles using a jackhammer, after which the use of, any tiles have to be defective. A bar, put on the grout, remove the hammer or striker, glue - a simple tool.

Step 2:

If the tiles coming off almost by itself, then remove it using simple tools such as a hammer, putty knife, a chisel. If the tiles firmly stuck, then use the grinders and punch. Work begins to carry out from top to bottom. The basis of the cut a grinder, and everything else remove the punch. When you dismantle a similar way, the tile you can save quite intact for further use. If the tile is mounted on a thin partition, then remove the tiles with the wall.

Step 3:

tiles Dismantling spend alternately separating it from the wall, hooking over the edge of the tile. If you want to dismantle the tiles, try the following method. Make an incision on the tile two diagonals. Use a tile cutting. Then drill a hole in the center of the tile. In the hole hammer and cold chisel, moving to the edges of the tile, break it into small pieces. With chisel to remove the broken parts and old mortar.

Step 4:

Marble tiles remove as follows. Draw on it two diagonal and drill on them a few holes with a diameter of about 2 cm, frequent increments of 1 cm. Then just split the tile using a cold chisel.