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How to remove oil-based paint from the walls

Oil paint is used for the decorative coating all surfaces. Over time, it has to be updated. To put on the walls of a new coat of paint, it is necessary to remove all the old paint. To delete, you can use a number of ways, but none of them is not very easy, so you'll have to spend a lot of time and effort.

How to remove oil-based paint from the walls

You will need:

- putty knife; - Rags; - Chemical remover; - Building a hairdryer; - Sander; - sandpaper; - blowtorch.

Instruction how to remove oil-based paint from the walls

Step 1:

Remove the paint, you can use special chemical washes. For the use of the composition, wear a dust mask, goggles, gloves, open all windows and doors. Apply a chemical on the wall, wait for the time specified on the package and remove the paint with a rag. Sometimes the first time to remove all the paint is not possible. Therefore, the unsatisfactory results, apply a wash again.

Step 2:

To remove oil paint, you can use a spatula. To do this, take a few sharp spatulas of various sizes. If all exfoliated paint, remove her biggest tool. If the paint clings to the surface of the wall, it is easier to scrape off with the help of a small trowel. For ease of use a spatula to secure a long stalk.

Step 3:

Another way to remove oil paint - is to use a hair dryer building. Turn on the hair dryer, heat up a small portion of the paint and immediately remove it with a spatula. Thus it made the removal of paint from the surface of the entire wall. The most convenient way where one person runs a hairdryer, and the other immediately remove the paint with a spatula. Because if it is heated, and later removed, it will simply adhere to the surface again.

Step 4:

Also, oil-based paint can be removed using a grinder. On the shaft, wear a large sandpaper and walk across the wall. As the removal of paint, you can use a fine sandpaper. The method is not very light and dusty, but very effective and does not damage the plaster.

Step 5:

Use a blowtorch to heat the paint is very dangerous because of the possibility of fire. It is better to use the classic methods mentioned above. Not very fast, but safely, efficiently and safely. Use a blowtorch can only iron walls in places where there is no wood surfaces, eg in the garage.