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How to remove wax from glass

Romantic dinner, New Year's Eve, a cozy winter evening: one of the nice attributes of this pastime are wax candles. However, the melted wax very often leaves stains on the candlesticks and other glass surfaces. To remove it from the glass after curing, is necessary to make a series of manipulations.

How to remove wax from glass

You will need:

- wooden shovel; - Newspaper; - Iron; - Hair dryer; - Rags; - latex gloves; - Respirator; - White Spirit.

Instruction how to remove wax from glass

Step 1:

Take a wooden spatula or a stick of ice cream. If the wax layer on the glass too much, try to clear this subject its maximum amount. Be careful not to damage the glass article. After this treatment, you should stay a thin layer of wax, which can not be removed by mechanical action.

Step 2:

Turn on the hair dryer and set it to maximum hot air mode. Aim the jet at the wax stain for 1 minute. When the wax layer softens, gently and quickly remove it. In this case, the surface heating can not be used in other ways: the fire or hot water may damage the glass.

Step 3:

If you allow the glass surface area, use an iron. Attach a sheet of paper on the wax stain and iron it several times this place iron, put on a gentle temperature regime. The paper will absorb excess wax, and then you can remove it. If the stain is too high, change the paper several times. As a result of this procedure, the glass should remain subtle matte stain.

Step 4:

Wearing rubber gloves and respirator possible, soak the cloth with white spirit or similar solvent. Wipe the stain, and then polish the surface of another dry cloth. If the stain is not too large, try replacing the white spirit ordinary dish detergent with grease- dissolving effect.