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How to renovate old furniture

If your old dresser cracks, and have a favorite chair broke upholstery, you can buy new furniture. But if you value things spoiled, try to return them to the original appearance of his own. Perhaps the process will entice you, and you will be able not only to carry out minor repairs, but also to restore furniture.

How to renovate old furniture

You will need:

- solvent; - Sander; - Paraffin; - Furniture lacquer; - Fine-grained sandpaper; - Wood glue; - Furniture stapler; - Upholstery fabric.

Instruction how to repair old furniture

Step 1:

Inspect the suffered furniture. Estimate the amount of future works. Most likely, except for obvious defects such as dropped or broken slats legs, you will need to clean the surface of furniture or replace faded upholstery. Decide what materials are needed to work and buy all you need.

Step 2:

Old furniture is more convenient to disassemble into separate elements. Loosen the screws, remove the laths, clamps, handles and locks. In the cabinets and drawers, remove the drawers from desks loosen countertops.

Step 3:

All elements of wooden furniture must be disinfected to get rid of mold, mildew, carpenter beetles. Deal with a special finishing agent. Follow the instructions on the package. Work better with gloves, providing good ventilation in the room.

Step 4:

Remove from the surface of the remnants of the old paint and varnish. It can be washed with solvent or hold a special grinding machine. Proceed carefully, so as not to damage the wood. Deep cracks and chipped seal the special paste. Once dry, sand the surface, ensuring its absolute smoothness.

Step 5:

Table tops covered with a network of fine cracks, can be returned using the smoothness of the wax. Dissolve the grated paraffin wax in a small amount of gasoline, apply the mixture on the surface with a soft brush. Polish the countertop - cracks become invisible.

Step 6:

If the tree is covered with spots, dark and completely changed color, it is possible to bleach or dye. Use a small roller - brush leaves traces of hair. Lost decorative elements - handles, locks, metal corners - replace the same style. If nothing suitable was found, completely change the entire fixture.

Step 7:

Broken legs of chairs or cabinets connect a suitable adhesive for wood. For better fixation, you can use additional keys or struts. Put them in one half of the broken parts, apply glue and attach the second half. After drying, treat the place of a joint fine sandpaper.

Step 8:

The final stage - varnished furniture. Apply two coats of varnish, carefully prosushivaya each. After drying, assemble furniture.

Step 9:

Replace upholstered chairs and armchairs. Remove the fabric, check the springs. Remove the old filling and replace it with a new one. Make a new upholstery on the pattern remote and attach it using the furniture stapler.