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How to repair a battery

The heating season in full swing, and the batteries in your apartment suddenly gave a leak. On the floor, a puddle of dripping battery (and even pouring) boiling water, and maintenance crews will have to wait until the next day. In your own strength, if not eliminate leaks at all, or at least reduce the water pressure to a minimum.

How to repair a battery

Instruction how to repair battery

Step 1:

If leakage is formed in the tube or directly to the place of its connection to the battery, take the right size piece of plastic rubber and as closely as possible fasten it with wire or strong rope to the point of leakage. And if you are used to deal with small repairs around the house, in principle, then you certainly can find a special metal clamp, with which you can do to stop the leak.

Step 2:

If the battery runs itself, the resulting fistula is necessary to insert a bolt-screw. It's easy to do - Bolt override aperture and flow decrease. With this method, it is practically impossible to eliminate the leak completely, but at least you wait for a repair brigade in a relaxed atmosphere.

Step 3:

When you need to stop the water leakage, resulting from the depressurization section joints to cope with this problem the easiest way. Take a cloth soaked with epoxy glue it and then this cloth very tightly wrap the spill area. This will zagermetiziruete battery, and the water stops flowing. In fact, with a little skill in the latter case, you can even do without repairmen.

Step 4:

In case if any one of these methods in your case, for any reason, can not be applied, and the water flowing a continuous stream, then take a large piece of thick fabric, absorbent, water (e.g., quilt or blanket) and tightly wrap them all battery. So you will save the room from a hot shower and to collect the water will be much easier. Well, first of all, of course, call the emergency services and call a repair team, which will deal with your professional leakage. They not only repair the damage, but will replace defective sections or pipes, or even recommend a more robust model radiators.