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How to replace the lamp Spot

Spend lighting in the house - that's half the battle, you need to be able to cope with the new technology. For example, it is important to change the light bulb properly and in a timely manner, and if the lights do not cause the usual, as a rule, difficulties, it is necessary to point to "tinker"

How to replace the lamp Spot

You will need:

Bzolyatsionnaya tape, wire cutters to remove the insulation tester, a drill with a long drill bit for concrete, crimping pliers or conventional pliers

Instruction how to replace Down Light

Step 1:

First, remove power line, which is connected to the lamp and, for greater reliability, check the line of a special tester. Then disassemble the junction box and disconnect wires. Old lamp can be removed.

Step 2:

At the time of installation of a new lamp to be assembled without bulbs. If necessary, prepare the wire harness and lamp to the mix. Then open the junction box and connect the wires to each other so that they match each other in color. Once connected, make a crimped wire with special tongs and connected by wires, close the protective caps.

Step 3:

Wires lay neatly in the box and set it on the cover. The design in the collection, you can begin to install the bulbs. At the same time, remember that it is prohibited to install the lamp in the lamp, which more power than stated in the flask.

Step 4:

When changing the burnt-out light bulb in its place screw the exact same or less power. The process of replacing the lamp voltage connection.

Step 5:

Installation of suspended ceilings in the apartment of a change of spotlights will have its own characteristics. On the eve of the installation of suspended ceilings in places of mounting fixtures to the basic ceiling hangers attach special with the expectation that the suspension bottoms was on par with the stretch ceiling. Installation of the new lamp produce only after the fabric tightly.