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How to replace the water pump

If you find a leak of coolant or heard unusual noise when the water pump - most likely you will have to replace it. Replacing the water pump - the process quite laborious and requires a responsible approach. But, if desired, replace water pump quite possibly their own hands.

How to replace the water pump

You will need:

- screwdriver; - spanners; - Sealant; - Capacity for the drainage; - Jack; - Hexagons; - Torque wrench; - Wooden chocks; - water pump; - Installation of the pump; - Pliers; - A new coolant

Instruction how to replace the water pump

Step 1:

Lift the right side of your car using the jack and put it under her wooden chock. Unscrew the bolts of the front right wheel and remove it. Open the bonnet. Remove the side cover of the engine and remove the plastic cover, which is under the wing of the car. Disconnect the terminals from the battery and remove the battery.

Step 2:

Place a container prepared in advance and carefully drain the coolant.

Step 3:

Remove the mounting bolts of the pulley while holding the screwdriver. Remove the crankshaft pulley and alternator drive belt. Turn off a fixing bolt that connects the generator tension bar with the pump cover. Move the alternator from the engine and remove the bar by removing it from the studs.

Step 4:

Unscrew the nuts holding the pump cover. Remove the spring washers and remove the cover by slipping a screwdriver. Remove the gasket installed between the engine block and the water pump housing. Clean the body of the sealant residues.

Step 5:

Take a new gasket and put it in the pump cover. Remove the old sealant and thread of the bolt holes. Apply a thin layer of a new sealant. Assemble all the elements in reverse order.

Step 6:

Check and adjust the tension of the drive belt of the generator.

Step 7:

Fill with new coolant. Remove air pockets caused in the cooling system. Start the engine and check for leaks.