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How to reschedule the one-room apartment

One-bedroom apartments are one of the most sought after products in today's real estate market. This is due to the fact that these apartments are much smaller than the accommodation of large areas. All the more so after the acquisition of this apartment, you can reschedule for themselves.

How to reschedule the one-room apartment

You will need:

- redevelopment project; - Permission from the authorities to carry out the work; - Tools (a screwdriver to punch on).

Instruction how to reschedule the one-room apartment

Step 1:

Start with the kitchen. Think about whether you want to leave it in its original form or if you have thought to combine the kitchen, bathroom and separate them bar and a dining area. If you decide to re-plan kitchen, determine how much is needed to transfer all communication podvodok. If you can do without it, then fine. If the transfer is necessary, do so with maximum accuracy. If the kitchen is equipped with gas rather than electric stove, then the operation will be prohibited safety.

Step 2:

Disassemble the wall between the kitchen and living room. Rate the vacated space. If there is a deviation, level floor level between them. Dividing line can be a bar.

Step 3:

If your bathroom and toilet are separate, the wall between them can also be removed. So you get a few square meters of space available. There you will be able to comfortably place the washing machine, laundry basket and others.

Step 4:

If the apartment ceilings are high enough (more than 3 meters), there is a mezzanine position and additional shelves. Even an ordinary closet with a fair share of imagination can be a wardrobe for clothes. Thus you will save space in your single room, because you will not need a wardrobe Hotel.