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How to restore the house after the fire

The fire in the house of his tenants always brings a lot of trouble. The carbon black, soot, dirt and fumes in the room, in which there was even a very small fire, make us think about it as soon as possible repair. In order to restore the house after the fire, it is necessary to perform a number of important actions.

How to restore the house after the fire

You will need:

Spatula, a bucket of water, cloth, coal, broom, dustpan, trash bags, electric, wallpaper, plaster, flooring and other materials needed for the repair.

Instruction how to restore the house after the fire

Step 1:

Begin restoring the house after the fire with a thorough general cleaning of premises affected by the fire. To start clean all the soot, namely to remove the entire top layer of plaster from the ceiling, remove the wallpaper and other coverings until the concrete walls. Concrete - a material that is capable of holding the longest burning smell, so to release it before the airing should be first.

Step 2:

The recovery action plan of the house after the fire comes deliverance from the rooms smell of smoke and fumes. It will help you in this ordinary coal, known for its absorption capacity. In order to eliminate the unpleasant odor, sprinkle coal in large quantities all over the house. Within a few days, ventilate the room by opening all doors and windows.

Step 3:

Do not forget to clean the house from the numerous debris formed as a result of fire and immediately extinguishing of the fire. To do this, you will need to exert maximum effort. Call for help of their relatives, friends and acquaintances, or contact a special service, do the cleaning up.

Step 4:

Restoration of the house after the fire involves electrical wiring and replacement. Save on it in any case can not, because a lot of sudden fires in dwellings occur because of problems with the poor quality or outdated wiring.

Step 5:

To protect the wiring in the house of the overload, divide it into several groups, for example, house lighting, heated floors, kitchen appliances, outlets in different rooms. The best option is a three-wire cable wiring of various sections.

Step 6:

Of course, no cost recovery at home after a fire and without activities such as pasting the walls with new wallpaper, ceiling plastering, laying new floor covering and other inherent in the normal repair.