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How to restore the paint

Over time, the paint furniture loses its original beautiful appearance, because of what may give the impression that the furniture is too old and it has long been necessary to replace the new one. But do not hurry to part with furniture! It is possible to return the "second youth".

How to restore the paint

You will need:

- drill; - A set of skins-tips (large, small and medium); - Lacquer; - Stain; - Brush; - Rags; - Retouch pencil; - Plaster; - putty knife.

Instruction how to restore the paint

Step 1:

Put on a large drill and remove a nozzle with the help of the old varnish. After this change the nozzle (set of medium) and walk on the surface of the workpiece again: this operation will remove remaining after the coarse nozzles scratches.

Step 2:

Then change the nozzle on the medium-fine-grained sand the surface and the finishing.

Step 3:

Wipe the sanded surface with a dry soft cloth. Do it carefully: on the furniture should not be left a speck of dust.

Step 4:

Open the surface of the stain and let it dry. Then cover with a thin layer of lacquer furniture, carefully rubbing it and avoiding all kinds of stains. Luck can cover three or four times. That's all there: the furniture has become as good as new!

Step 5:

When the lacquer coating is only a small scrapes and scratches almost invisible, they can be a special paint retouched in pencil (just pick the right tone of a pencil). When choosing a pencil note on its composition: distinguish retouching crayons, which is at the heart of an opaque enamel, as well as such, which is composed of alcohol stain. Remember: if you use a pencil retouches with alcohol stains, after application the surface it is necessary to open the varnish or other final coating.

Step 6:

If lacquered furniture has chipped and large cracks, to remedy the situation, you will need a special putty for wood. Putty for wood is a polyester, water and nitro based. Neatly using a thin spatula, apply the putty on the damaged surface and allow it time to dry. Then Kohler treated surface stain and varnish shred.