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How to restore wood furniture

If you have an old and lost its original appearance items of wooden furniture, do not rush to throw them out. Chairs, desk, and other furniture often enough, you can restore their own hands, turning it into a stylish and contemporary objects. Of course, today's market there are many proposals for the restoration of furniture, but how can you resist the temptation to make a new kind of product, guided by your own taste and imagination?

How to restore wood furniture

You will need:

- Acrylic paint - varnish - napkins - brush - PVC glue.

Instruction how to restore wood furniture

Step 1:

First, prepare the furniture to the restoration work. Remove the old paint, carefully zashpaklyuyte, abrade and prime the surface of the wood.

Step 2:

Use in the restoration of furniture is the easiest and classic way, involving the use of stain and varnish. Choose the right color stain that she faked type of wood, from which made your furniture. You will also need a special varnish for restoration work. This varnish protects the wood is good, profitable emphasize its structure and hide visible defects.

Step 3:

If you - a lover of antique furniture, choose "craquelure" technique. It is a way of visual aging of the surface of furniture. To use this technique you need a special one-component varnish craquelure.

Step 4:

For the restoration of furniture by painting using acrylic paints of different colors, paint and stencils. Stencil made with their hands on a pre-prepared sketch, allow the use of the technique of painting furniture, even if you do not draw very well. On the prepared surface area using a stencil, apply a pattern, let it dry, and then cover two or three coats of protective varnish. Very well looked painted on the furniture in the nursery.

Step 5:

Try restoring furniture decoupage technique. Decoupage - view applications using multi-layer napkins. Get a swipe with a pattern you like (you can do this in any store). Cut with a swipe pattern and stick it on the surface of the furniture to be restored. Use with glue for PVC, a little diluted in water. After drying glue nail applique cover (preferably based on polyurethane). Now, this furniture can be used as an element of exquisite decor of his apartment.

Step 6:

If you want to hide visible defects furniture, use veneer, special glue and hot iron. Apply glue to the surface of the object and veneer, then leave for drying. Then apply two layers of adhesive, place the veneer on the surface of the restored furniture and iron hot iron, making movement from the inside to the outside through a sheet of paper.