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How to root the violet

Potted violets deservedly enjoy the love of many gardeners. These small charming flowers require minimal maintenance, shade-tolerant, do not require special care, and when properly handled frequently and abundantly in bloom. Ripple violet also is not difficult. The main thing - to choose the right soil, gently transplant and carefully care for layering.

How to root the violet

Instruction how to root violet

Step 1:

Violets breed well cuttings and leaf stalk. However, in order to take root and seedling gave the shoots, it should be planted in fertile soil and a suitable container. Quite often inexperienced growers planted instead of rooting the leaves begin to wither and die, and then concludes that the violets do not breed. In reality it is not.

Step 2:

To leaf stalk easily rooted and quickly gave "kids", you must follow certain rules. First of all, for the establishment of violets is best to use small pots - cups. If not at hand special small pots for seedlings with removable Donets, it can use any suitable containers. You can even use the cups of yogurt, previously having made holes in them to drain. But still preferred that the container be ceramic.

Step 3:

The substrate for rooting of violets made of a mixture of peat with river sand, adding to it a small amount of fertile soil. It can be used as chopped sphagnum moss, which is sold in flower shops. But in any case, kidney should not be too rich and fertile. The substrate before planting the cuttings should be well moistened.

Step 4:

For landing take only the old, mature leaves, strong enough to move the entire procedure. Young leaves are not suitable for planting at all. Suitable sheet can simply be gently broken off from fialochnoy outlet, and then lightly trimmed to a length of 3-4 cm. The cut of the cutting should be done on the bias, to provide a wider area to absorb nutrients.

Step 5:

To take root seedlings can be both directly in the ground, and in distilled water or well defended. If the sheet is rooted in the water, care must be taken so that the liquid does not touch the sheet itself, and covers only the stalk not more than 1 cm. In the water you need to add one tablet of activated charcoal to prevent rotting of the water and protect the plant from bacteria. Capacity should be opaque glass, do not miss the sun's rays. As the evaporation of water pour from time to time to replace completely fresh.

Step 6:

When rooting in the ground leaf just lay on the edge of the pot, to stalks lightly touches the ground. Then he bit into the ground utaplivajut gentle touch of a finger and lightly sprinkle the ground. Among the gardeners there is an old observation that the smaller the depth of planting the cuttings, the sooner it will give the shoots. If the transplant is carried out in cold weather, the plant should be covered with a plastic bag to create an atmosphere of greenhouse and protect it from drafts. In summer, it is not necessary. A pot of violet cuttings placed in a light place, but in any case, not in direct sunlight.