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How to root violet leaf

Among the variety of indoor plants occupy a special place marvelous Saintpaulia. Violet - a harmonious combination of elegant colored inflorescences with variegated leaves. And it is not surprising that many growers prefer to grow at home this capricious beauty.

How to root violet leaf

Instruction how to root violet leaf

Step 1:

If you want to multiply you like a copy of the plant, it is quite enough to pinch off from it a leaf with the stem. Be careful not to leave any part of the stem on the mother plant, otherwise it may die. Choose the young leaves, located closer to the center outlet.

Step 2:

So, take a sheet intended for rooting. petiole length should not exceed 7 cm. The surplus should be cut a sharp blade. Do not use scissors - they are passing the capillaries plants. If the stem is shorter than 4 cm, in this case, the plate cut sheet. Pruning should begin along the petiole, gradually moving up and moving on to the veins of the leaf. The cut leaf, leave for an hour without water, in the air. At the end of the stem make an oblique cut.

Step 3:

Then take root sheet Saintpaulia in a container with water. To do this, a small clean jar, pour water at room temperature. Place the leaf in a jar so that one-third of the stem is in the water. After about two weeks the roots appear.

Step 4:

After the appearance of roots violet leaf must be planted in loose soil. For rooting is best to use an opaque plastic cup. At the bottom be sure to make the drainage holes. As the drainage can be used sphagnum moss, concrete block or small pieces of foam. Above ground drainage pour up to the top of the cup.

Step 5:

In the center, make an indentation in it and place a sheet of violets. The roots sprinkle a little on top of the ground, without tamping. To leaf fell not use props. This can be a toothpick, cotton swab or a cocktail stick. At the end of a leaf should be watered with warm water and defended covered a plastic bag. Put the plant in a bright warm place and watered as the drying of the upper soil layer.