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How to score pile

Piles - building construction, taking the load of the building foundation and transmit its underlying layers of soil. The piles for the construction of the foundation are used where it is impossible to carry out excavation work due to soil weakness. The piles are precast (they hammered into the ground with the help of special equipment) and drilled (manufactured by filling pre-made concrete wells).

How to score pile

Instruction how to score pile

Step 1:

In order to score a pile into the ground to mark the pile field construction using tape measures, survey instruments. Note pegs driven into the ground, the pile center, number them.

Step 2:

Move the pile driving machine (diesel hammer) to a place of hammering piles. With the help of a crane pile set in a vertical position on the right place. Make an exact position alignment of the pile.

Step 3:

Replace the pile headband and cushioning between the headband and the pile. This is in order not to damage the end of the pile.

Step 4:

Gradually lower the hammer on the pile-driving machine pile headband. The first blows have to be not strong, it is important to monitor closely the strict vertical immersion of piles into the ground. Clog the pile, gradually increasing the force of impact as long as the pile will not get a waiver or settlement to the design depth.