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How to seal the bulkhead joints

Prepare seams with summer - perhaps because you can shift the Russian folk saying, if raised the question of the violation of warmth and comfort in prefabricated houses in winter or at the onset of bad weather. We should not forget that if the apartment will get wet and then freeze at all angles, the smell of damp mustiness or provided to you, in turn, says only that the inter-panel joints broken seal.

How to seal the bulkhead joints

You will need:

polyurethane sealant, any good insulation and sealing material (experts will help select), polyurethane foam.

Instruction as a bulkhead seal the seams

Step 1:

Also notable trouble, poor sealing of inter-panel joints is the destruction of the panels, followed by corrosion of reinforcing connections. In order to prevent an irreversible process and to create a favorable atmosphere in the apartment, make sealing of inter-panel joints. If you want to thus raise the temperature in your home, then you will need to insulate the connection of house panels.

Step 2:

Stock up on necessary working materials, make sure that they are of good quality, otherwise you get the desired effect.

Step 3:

Fill in all the bulkhead cavities with polyurethane sealant and insulation is spread evenly inside the seam.

Step 4:

Pour the remaining cavity selected sealing material, it is necessary to prevent water penetration.

Step 5:

Now you have the second phase - the implementation of a recovery repair scheme, extend the bulkhead seal, clean it thoroughly from old materials. Apply assembly foam on it, wait for the grab.

Step 6:

Apply insulation and, in conclusion, place the chosen solution for sealing the bonding inter-panel joints. It is important to know that the seal seams can only be dry or cold weather, in any case, not at an elevated air of importance: water would nullify all your efforts, due to its properties will be expanded in the winter.

Step 7:

Please note that in order to optimize various inter-panel joints may not have the desired effect, the same technology. In some cases, you will be enough to cover the crack, but in others, without filling the bulkhead space and placing a heater just can not do.