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How to seal the corners on drywall

Plasterboard is a popular material for the alignment of walls and ceilings, and create a variety of designs, whether niche or multi-level ceilings. One of the problems faced by domestic masters when working with this material - sealing the corners.

How to seal the corners on drywall

You will need:

- putty; - 2 spatula; - Serpyanka; - Bucket; - Building mixer; - Screwdriver; - Screws; - Feed-Norma; - Aluminum perforated Norma.

Instruction on how to seal the corners of drywall

Step 1:

Select plaster and trowel. Their choice depends on the quality of your work.

Step 2:

Spatula should be fairly flexible. Before buying make a small test. Take the tool by the handle and the blade and bend. Good spatula easily bends.

Step 3:

Choose putty, depending on how you will decorate the walls: to paint or hang wallpaper. In the first case, select Uniflot putty from the company Knauf or Vetonit. It is more flexible and after drying it does not appear in the cracks.

Step 4:

If you want to paste over the wall wallpaper, then stop your choice on a budget option, as small cracks that may occur as a result of work still disappear under the wallpaper.

Step 5:

Prepare putty. Pour dry mixture in a bucket (or other container). Add water (according to the manual) and stir using a mixer. Finished plaster should be the consistency of thick cream, with no lumps.

Step 6:

To seal the inner corner, type filler at the end of a spatula and spread it along the seam and along one side of the angle. Then do the same along the second side.

Step 7:

Cut a piece of ribbon-serpyanku and fold it in half. Press the tape to the right, press it lightly. Once the composition is dry, apply another layer of filler on each side of the angle.

Step 8:

To seal the outer corners, attach aluminum perforirvanny Area, attaching it with screws. If the load on a small angle, for example, the angles of slopes in the window, it is possible to strengthen the ledges ribbon. It has an aluminum insert and a notch on the shaft. With this notch the tape easy to bend in half.

Step 9:

Apply plaster trowel first on one side of the angle and then - on the other. After the first coat has dried, apply another.

Step 10:

When the plaster has hardened, sand the surface with sandpaper. Then you can proceed to the application of top coat on the surface of the walls.