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How to sew curtains Marquis

At curtains Marques rich pedigree. Their homeland - France Baroque-Rococo. Before their creators had a task to make curtains of light fabric, giving the windows of palaces and mansions extra feeling of luxury and comfort. Today we can say with confidence that the French designers tried not in vain - curtains Marquis is still needed and loved all over the world. They represent a panel of fabric, assembled in the horizontal and vertical folds. This effect is achieved due to suturing curtain tape to the wrong side of the fabric.

How to sew curtains Marquis

You will need:

voile and organza, wooden beam width of 5 cm and a thickness of 2.5, two braids

Instruction how to sew curtains Marquis

Step 1:

To sew a curtain, prepare a light fabric - organza veil or wooden beam width of 5 cm and a thickness of 2.5 bar length must correspond to the width of the window opening with 5 centimeters.. It will also need thick cloth to obtyanut cornice board.

Step 2:

As already mentioned, the important elements of curtains Markiza are two tapes - trehshnurnaya and narrow. The length corresponds to the width of the first edge of the curtains, and the second - the height of the edge of the curtains, multiplied by the number of festoons.

Step 3:

Before the start of cutting to determine the width of the curtains, carefully you measure the window opening. Its size will be equal to twice the length of the eaves board, plus 10 cm, taking into account two double hem seams. cutting length will correspond to two alleged heights with the addition of curtains 2 cm clearance at the upper edge and 5 cm - on the bend at the bottom.

Step 4:

Then proutyuzhte on both sides by 2.5 cm edge of the curtains and then sew on the machine side edges. Thereafter proutyuzhte 2cm edge on the upper edge and prepare trehshnurnuyu sboryaschuyu braid. Then, enjoy a bit of math and calculate the number of festoons and mark lines on the back side, where it will be sewn sboryaschaya braid.

Step 5:

The next step - Fun pins braid along the edges of the curtains over the entire length, then sew and proutyuzhte. Rings stitch for durability double thread. Then use the vertical sboryaschey tape gently pull the cords and evenly across the folds of the curtains area.