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How to sheathe gypsum plasterboard

Gypsum plasterboard - it is a popular decoration material used for the lining of walls, ceilings and the device interior partitions. Sheathing gypsum plasterboard walls does not require special knowledge and skills and can easily be carried out independently.

How to sheathe gypsum plasterboard

You will need:

- Construction knife; - A plumb; - hand saw; - putty knife; - Line; - Container for glue; - Master OK; - Roulette; - building level; - Mounting wedges; - Glue; - lever arm; - Rubber mallet

Instruction how to sheathe gypsum plasterboard

Step 1:

Prepare wall. Clean them from contamination. If the walls were painted, then for better grip, they need to make incisions with the help of the construction of the knife. The notches should be placed every 10 centimeters across, and 30 - vertically.

Step 2:

Check the verticality of the wall with the help of a ruler and a spirit level. Note that the gypsum plasterboard glued directly on the wall is possible only if a deviation from the vertical wall is not more than 2 cm.

Step 3:

Carefully measure the height of the wall. Subtract from the result of 1 cm. This distance is necessary to protect the sheets of drywall from moisture.

Step 4:

Mark the cut line in accordance with the previously made measurements. Take a long line and place it along the intended line. Draw a deep line on a sheet with the construction of the knife.

Step 5:

Align gypsum plasterboard upright and bend at the incision line. Cut a sheet from the reverse side. Use a hand saw for cutting angles and curves.

Step 6:

Take the container and, following the instructions, dissolve the glue water. Stir solution. Achieve in order to get a homogeneous mass, which does not contain lumps. Note that the solution must be sufficiently dense and does not flow off the trowel. Apply glue to the drywall sheets.

Step 7:

Place the mounting wedges along the walls so that each sheet of drywall had two wedge. Lean gypsum plasterboard from the bottom to the wall and lift it up using the lever.

Step 8:

Carefully align the sheet level, push to the wall with the help of a ruler and prostuchite gently with a rubber mallet. Attach the following analogy sheets.

Step 9:

Gently zashpaklyuyte seams.