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How to solder plastics

One of the methods of repair chips and cracks on plastic - application of epoxy resins. However, professionals are advised to do otherwise. It is best to crack on the plastic weld with simultaneous reinforcement. This is done so.

How to solder plastics

Instruction how to solder plastics

Step 1:

In order to get to work to start podyschu reinforcing material. Suitable bronze mesh is not too thick (0.1-0.2 mm), non-rigid, but such was able to keep its shape after deformation. Choose exactly the bronze, as it perfectly warms up, solder and does not rust, but can also come in brass or copper mesh.

Step 2:

So first of all you need to clean up plastic and then perform the cleaning of all areas that contain a variety of defects to a state of pure plastic, that is clear from the available chips, cracks around the perimeter at a distance of about 5 mm from the edge. Now take a bronze net and cut it into strips, the width of which will be about 7-10 mm.

Step 3:

Take the soldering iron, plug it in, and while it is heated, take the plastic, put it into strips grid so that it overlaps the crack on all sides, and push them to each other soldering iron. In the same way Solder all joints.

Step 4:

Please note that you must start from the front side. If the plastic is thin, the reverse side is likely to tread mound, his little smooth out using the same solder. If you are using thick plastic, it is possible to solder and on the reverse side. On seams pits and bumps do not leave, they are then easier to remove (eg, by means of fillings).

Step 5:

Advantages of this method of working with plastic is that it is possible to give details of the original appearance, even on both sides. In addition, everything happens fast enough, that is a lot of time this procedure you will not take.

Step 6:

If you choose to use resin or adhesives, pre-draw test "fatness" material to drip of water to the plastic. If the drop spreads, it can be applied without any means of processing, but if you drop Save the form, you have to or grind or degrease (eg, alcohol, gasoline, solvents). To experiment with adhesives, use a proven adhesive for all types of plastic "Plast spezial" from UHU.