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How to solder the diode

The diode is a two-electrode electrical element, whose conductivity depends on the direction of electric current. Today, LEDs are widely used in electronics, they are used in home-made electrical devices. When mounting the circuit device based on diodes, it is necessary to remember some rules.

How to solder the diode

You will need:

Diode, flux for soldering aluminum, tin or solder, soldering iron, wire cutters, tweezers, sponge

Instruction how to solder the diode

Step 1:

Select a diode in accordance with the required parameters. Consider it to determine the polarity. Each diode has two poles - the "plus" and "minus". Long concluded device indicates a "plus" and short - on the "minus". If you are installing the circuit diode is soldered properly, nothing serious happens, it just will not work.

Step 2:

The board mark the place for the diode assembly. If you use ready-made card, use the standard mounting holes. If the board is homemade, drill mounting holes in a location convenient from the point of view of the rest of the layout of circuit elements. It is advisable to perform a pre-wiring diagram, which are schematically shown the site of attachment of electrical elements.

Step 3:

Prepare wire. They will be needed if you need to combine with other elements of the diodes. It is desirable that the wires vary in color - it's easier to determine the polarity of the connection. Wires choose no more than 0.75 mm.

Step 4:

Insert a diode in charge. If you mount a circuit consisting of several diodes, place them so that the long conclusion is in series on one side and short - on the other.

Step 5:

Secure the diode by folding the findings in hand. If diode conclusions too long bit off their cutters.

Step 6:

Turn the soldering iron to the network and soak the sponge with water. After heating the soldering iron cover its part of the work (the sting) with a thin layer of solder (tin) and wipe with a damp sponge to remove the remnants of the old solder. In the soldering process periodically wipe the soldering tip with a damp sponge to keep it clean.

Step 7:

Place the soldering tip between the legs of the diode and the board to heat the soldering. Warm up the soldering longer than two seconds are not recommended, or a diode may be damaged.

Step 8:

Bring to the place of soldering solder. After melting the required amount of solder take him from the place of soldering. For a second, keep the soldering iron in parts soldered to solder evenly distributed across the surface of the soldered terminals. Wait until the soldering cools. Contact us ready.