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How to sow primrose

Primrose can be found in the gardens almost every continent of the planet. Gardeners love this pretty flower for variety and originality of colors, for the simple tastes of care and a remarkable ability to bloom for a long time. But no matter how unpretentious primrose to get spring and summer bright fancy flower beds, must be able to grow it.

How to sow primrose

You will need:

primrose seeds, boxes for seedlings, peat, leaf soil, sand, fertilizer

Instruction how to sow primrose

Step 1:

Primrose prefer a temperate climate and peat soils. They successfully grow both indoor boxes and flower beds in the open. Primrose usually acquire in specialized stores already raisings and ready to bloom, but they can also grow and self-seed. It is only important to ensure their proper fit and care for seedlings.

Step 2:

Plants grown from seed, flowering is delayed, and the first flowers appear not earlier than 5-7 months after planting. Therefore sow primrose seeds need to advance, either in early spring or late autumn before winter, seedlings had to climb.

Step 3:

Seeds are sown in shallow boxes with drainage holes, filled with a mixture of leaf soil, peat and sand. Since primrose seeds have a very small, they are not covered with earth, but simply dispersed on its surface moist. Then landing container covered with glass and put in a fairly warm place (20-22 ° C). Earth regularly moistened with an atomizer. After about 12-18 days the first shoots appear.

Step 4:

After germination, the seedlings are transferred to boxes in a cool, bright room. Grown seedlings dive (thin out and seated) in individual pots with a loose nutrient substrate. At this stage it is not necessary to seek to use large containers of flowers - it will be possible to transplant more than once or in larger pots or directly in the open ground in the primrose growth. The only important thing for the transplant to save a lump of earth around the roots so as not to damage them.

Step 5:

Caring for primroses is quite simple and does not require any special action. It is quite regular moderate watering and feeding, so that the plants are well developed and are actively bloom. It is important only during the summer heat primrose pritenyat from direct sunlight to avoid burns, and dry plants. You must also promptly pick off fading flowers to stimulate the emergence of new ones.