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How to store chrysanthemum

Many people like chrysanthemum. These colorful flowers and the persistent smell always reminds about any celebration. Many growers often lose the variety of the fact that it is not stored properly planting winter. To permanently resolve the problem, you need to stick to simple rules of storage.

How to store chrysanthemum

Instruction how to store chrysanthemum

Step 1:

When there is a flowering, you need to select healthy plants. Be sure to mark the name of the variety. Melkotsvetnye chrysanthemum that overwinter under the snow, may well move any frost. The problem may arise if the winter will be without snow. It is best to pre-dig the plant and keep it in a safe place until spring.

Step 2:

Chrysanthemums feel well in dry, cold and regularly ventilated rooms. The temperature in them should be from -1 C to 3 C. If it is not possible to place the plant in a room, you can use Prikope. Prikope is a hole that is dug on higher ground area. Its depth is typically about 30 centimeters. Also it must be properly taken sides. They are performed from boards or slate, which must rise by 10 centimeters above the ground. Pit necessary Dike land. Thus, it is possible to prevent the penetration of melt water. Top need to cover the "roof", which can also be made of boards or slate.

Step 3:

After the flowering period has passed, it is necessary to dig up the marked items with a lump of land. Then they are placed in a pit prikopnuyu. The bottom have to be dry. When laying need to knock down roots close to each other. The remaining gap is filled with earth. For the prevention of diseases, fall asleep on top of the ashes of roots. Please note, excessive moisture should not be. Protect the roots from rainwater and condensation. Perform frequent airing, especially during thaws.

Step 4:

In early November, when the temperature will be reduced, it is best to hide Prikope sawdust on top - foil or roofing material. Inside, the temperature is about 0C, even if the outside is -30C. When will thaw, it is possible to lift the side of the film. It is necessary to ventilate their "reserves".