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How to strengthen the chair

Whatever was not a strong chair, but he is not eternal. Wooden chair consists of parts that are joined with adhesive. Joints such chairs with time starting to get unstuck, and they begin to swing. How to strengthen the chair, while he is not broke?

How to strengthen the chair

You will need:

- wood glue; - Rubber mallet; - A bar, a hammer; - An awl; - Knife; - sandpaper; - Match; - Wet cloth.

Instruction how to strengthen the chair

Step 1:

Carefully inspect the chair, starting to work to strengthen it. If the beam out of the grooves or stagger, you have to disassemble the chair fully.

Step 2:

If necessary, remove from the chair seat. The old chair is often applied notches fixing seat, so the seat for removal turn the item for a full exit from the slot.

Step 3:

Disassemble the chair into separate parts and in a certain order fold them. This will help you avoid mistakes when assembling the chair.

Step 4:

With an awl, clean the grooves of the former adhesive. Knife and sandpaper, remove old adhesive residues from the pin on the crossbar.

Step 5:

Apply glue to the beams and the pins in the slots. Apply a thick layer of glue is necessary, that it fills the void for a good grip surfaces of the parts.

Step 6:

The wide openings of slots, insert a small amount of matches or wood chips, which are pre-lubricate the glue. Spread the adhesive with a wooden stick or with the help of sewing.

Step 7:

Insert the slots crossbar. With the help of a piece of wood hammer hammer bar. Try to clog so that the compound was not slit beams.

Step 8:

Remove with a knife thick layer of glue. Adhesive residues wipe with a wet cloth. The adhesive should be removed after 2 minutes, otherwise it may dry out and remain in the chair.

Step 9:

Insert slots in the crossbar on the other side in the same way. Thus hammer them already on the outside.

Step 10:

In order not to spoil the outer surface of the legs, use a rubber mallet. In the absence of a rubber hammer, use an ordinary bar and a hammer.

Step 11:

Leave a chair for a day to complete drying. For a more lasting strengthening chair pins in grooves additionally fix nails.

Step 12:

After the chair finally dries, put the seat into place. Your chair fortified.