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How to strengthen the wooden floor

The floors are wooden so far in terms of price / quality far superior to its competitors. They are characterized by long life, environmental safety, ease of placing and removal and aesthetic appeal. Most often this type of flooring used in private homes and cottages.

How to strengthen the wooden floor

Instruction how to strengthen the wooden floor

Step 1:

During the whole time of operation of the wooden floor there are times when it is necessary to strengthen a little. As a rule, such a need arises, if it is too creaks or joists that hold it strongly rotted. In carrying out any operations to strengthen the floor, prepare all the necessary carpentry tools and patience.

Step 2:

If you want to strengthen the floor and get rid of the annoying squeak, go to the hardware store or on the market and buy there for wood screws. With their help, Screw the floor boards to the joists at different angles. For tightening screws, use a large screwdriver and do so that their caps do not protrude above the floor.

Step 3:

Old nails tighten up or even remove it from the board. The remaining holes zashpaklyuyte. If the substrate, which is attached flooring, concrete, use screws on the concrete. Thus, you will be able to strengthen the floor surface, leaving it will no longer become loose, making an unpleasant creaking.

Step 4:

If the floor in a wooden house made of MDF, then they can be strengthened by means of anchor bolts, using the cushioning. To eliminate the squeak strengthen mechanical connection boards. For this hammer at an angle between them slightly bent nail. If creaks threshold hammer under his blade out of hardwood.

Step 5:

In all the work to strengthen the floor, use protective clothing and gloves. This will allow you to protect yourself from injuries and bruises. Laying wood floor in accordance with the pre-planned and planned sequence of actions will perform all the work as quickly as possible. The Contractor shall have certain abilities and skills of using carpentry tools. If for any reason you are unable to strengthen the floor, ask for help from experienced professionals, who for a small fee, will perform all work at the highest level. Go to the strengthening of the floor with the utmost responsibility. This will extend the service life for years to come.