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How to style concrete blocks

Foam blocks are very popular building material. And this is understandable. Construction of foam blocks environmentally friendly, cost effective and convenient. Besides, concrete blocks prevent heat loss and moisture-regulating. Make laying of foam blocks it is possible with his own hands, because they are relatively light weight and easy to process.

How to style concrete blocks

Instruction how to lay concrete blocks

Step 1:

Put blocks, intended for masonry, on pallets on top of the foundation slabs. Recommended concrete blocks unpack immediately before laying.

Step 2:

Carefully inspect all the concrete blocks. If necessary, clean them of dirt, ice and dust. Foam blocks having defects and chipping must be machined.

Step 3:

Lay the first row of foam blocks. Keep in mind that it must be laid on the waterproofing layer. Prepare a mixture of cement and sand in the ratio 4: 1. Also in the solution can be added plasticizers. Put on the sand-cement mortar two layers of roofing material or other waterproofing material. The base of the first corner foam blocks is recommended to moisten with water for better grip.

Step 4:

Note that the thickness of the first weld must not be more than 30 mm. When laying need to be closely monitored to ensure that the joints are not formed in a vacuum. Apply special adhesive or mortar with a notched trowel, bucket and make sure that all horizontal and vertical joints are completely filled.

Step 5:

Take the building level and check all the irregularities of the first of a number of stacked foam blocks. Remove all defects with a grinding tool.

Step 6:

Lay subsequent rows of foam blocks. To increase the stability of the walls and extra protection against cracking of masonry reinforced with foam blocks is recommended. To do this, cut into the foam blocks using a grinder or the groove wall chaser and lay them reinforcement.

Step 7:

Make overlapping. Note that the overlap can not be laid directly on the concrete blocks, because there may be a point load that exceeds the tensile strength of the material. Mould monolithic concrete Laying nets height of 10-20 cm and place it on top of the masonry. Place the slab on reinforced belt. Additionally Insulate belt.

Step 8:

With the construction of the walls of the foam blocks overlap of door and window openings must be done using special blocks U-shaped.