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How to take the process of ficus

Ficus - spectacular and interesting plant. Indoor conditions are quite suitable for its development. Fans of home flower flora often give preference to him. To properly take the process of ficus, not hurt the plant and did not disappoint its owner, you must know exactly how to do it.

How to take the process of ficus

You will need:

- sharp knife / blade; - Thread.

Instruction how to take the process of ficus

Step 1:

Pay attention to the fact that most species of ficus trees like bright places, but not direct sunlight. When the place to find the right plants and to ensure the proper care, he develops a strong root system, fairly quickly, new leaves.

Step 2:

Be sure to note that multiplies ficus spring. Taken at this time, the shoots get stronger for the winter and your little ficus much quieter will take the winter cold. March and April - the best time.

Step 3:

To take the process, you need to select a strong and healthy plant. Sharing, for example, can be cut during the formation of the crown of ficus adult. Always make sure that the handle is present in the selected kidney growth next leaf.

Step 4:

Process should be about 10-15 cm in length. Take a sharp knife or razor blade and cut it at an oblique angle under the knot. Do not use scissors and try not to tear the stem by hand. So you only injure the plant tissues that hamper its further rooting.

Step 5:

Note that the multiplication of large-leaved species, for example, at or ficus lyrata Ficus Elastica, the handle remains 2-3 leaves. The backsheet cut away and the remaining screw into the tube and secure the thread. This is necessary in order to reduce evaporation from the leaves during rooting. In processes of small-leaved varieties of the lower leaves should also be carefully removed.

Step 6:

On-site and remote cut leaves appear milky sap that hardens very quickly in the air and significantly slows down the process of the emergence of roots. Therefore, as soon as possible, wash it off with warm running water or place the cutting in water for 1-2 hours. Then, depending on the chosen method of rooting or change the water or pat dry stalks.