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How to transform the closet in the dressing room

Wardrobes help solve the problem of placing clothes in a small apartment. In order not to spend money to buy a bulky cabinet, use a storage closet. It can turn into a comfortable dressing room, if the place where special designs.

How to transform the closet in the dressing room

Instruction how to convert a closet into a dressing room

Step 1:

Prepare the room. Free pantry and critically examine the state of the walls, ceiling and floor. Given that there will store your clothes, room should be clean, dry and warm. To whitewash does not crumble and does not spoil things, paint all surfaces, or wallpaper paste over them. If the closet roomy and its decoration will be visible, obsheyte ceiling and walls with plastic panels.

Step 2:

Select the storage system. Make a list of things that you are going to place in the dressing room - on their size and the amount of choice depends on the storage system. To equip the room can be fixed hull structures and sucker rod systems. The first wall reminiscent of the shelves or drawers of various depths, the second - a system of horizontal bars, which put clothes on hangers. For optimum utilization of the space used for storage and shelves and rods.

Step 3:

Mount the storage system. To fit into the clothes dressing room, consider the location of structures. If you want to hang a lot of things on hangers, set the rod in 2 tiers. Attach one at a distance of 1 - 1.2 m above the floor and at least 50 cm from the wall, the second - at least 1.5 m from the first. Use the opposite wall for storing folded items. If the frame with shelf will be closed doors, their surface is useful for setting a mirror - an indispensable object in the dressing room.

Step 4:

Think about the entrance to the dressing room. If the pantry closed until repairs can be returned to the place of the old door and leave the entry unchanged. Taking into account that the alteration was initiated due to lack of space, change the door swing option "accordion". They are well suited for the separation from the rest of the dressing room. Pick the color of the folding doors, blending in with the finishing of the apartment.

Step 5:

Separate dressing room space on the storage area: for the things of daily use, for the off-season and dress clothes for rare items needed. Suits, jackets, shirts and dresses are needed every day, so they take away available space - the lower stem. Seasonal clothing advisable to place higher, hanged warm coats, cloaks and furs on the rod of the second level. Consider the frequency of the use of things in filling their shelves and drawers on the other walls.