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How to update old cabinets

To change the situation in the house necessarily contrive repairs or to buy furniture. You can try to give a new look to old things, such as a closet. There are several ways.

How to update old cabinets

Instruction how to update old cabinets

Step 1:

Decide what material you will use when decorating. It is important to take into account the situation of the room, tie updated cabinets in style and color from the other items. So, if all the furniture you have a dark color, and the scenery to the cabinet is necessary to apply dark shades. If the rest of the furniture you have a light, and you want a black wardrobe, try to combine them some general pattern.

Step 2:

One of the easiest ways to decorate old furniture is considered taping her wallpaper. At the same time you do not spend a lot of money, and get a very nicely. The main thing is to choose high-quality wallpaper, but you can experiment with texture and color. If the walls in the room light, the brighter the wallpaper is better to choose. Also in this case, the inner cabinet wall may overlap with wall-paper. If you have a wall drawing, the cabinet must be monotonous.

Step 3:

Change wardrobe dramatically help and self-adhesive wallpaper. Very creative looks wardrobe, trimmed fotoapplikatsiey. But such a pasting requires special care. So, you first need to clear out the old door cabinet with sandpaper. Then paint them with white paint. Now prepare the photo. Print the image in any format you can in a photo studio. Glue the wallpaper on top and cover with varnish.

Step 4:

Unusually will look cabinet, which are glued mirror. This option is ideal for small rooms, since the mirror greatly expands the room. These panels can be glued with liquid nails.

Step 5:

Another option of finishing furniture - upholstered. It is also important to choose the right color, combined with the surrounding environment. Under the cloth you can put a thin layer of foam to the closet look more noble.