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How to update the chandelier

Often I want to change something in the interior of his house, but the money for drastic alteration is not enough, you sigh, not knowing what to do, and eventually leave everything as it was. And absolutely nothing! Much can change their own hands, without spending almost no money. For example, update the boring chandelier.

How to update the chandelier

You will need:

- special paint; - Wire; - Cloth or paper; - String or wool yarn; - Balloon; - PVA glue; - Beads.

Instruction how to upgrade chandelier

Step 1:

If you have a standard boring white chandelier with shades (matte or glossy), or even transparent, it is easy to change if the paint. To do this, buy a special paint for painting on glass (they are sold in stores for artists) and apply a pattern that you like and that fits to your home in style. If you are not very confident in their artistic talents, using ready-made stencils for patterns. Do not use a lot of colors - one or two will suffice.

Step 2:

In addition to paintings, you can change the old lamp with the help of the lampshade. And here - a great space for your imagination. After all, the lampshade can be very different - from fabric and paper, glass, branches, wire and plastic. The main thing that was observed safety (material must not be combustible or flammable), and a sense of style. You can make a frame made of wire and obtyanut his paper or cloth, embroider and decorate with beads and ribbons, you can make a lampshade out of wicker baskets, suitable in shape and horns chandeliers - from the beautiful cups or glasses (with a suitable bottom, in which the need to drill holes ).

Step 3:

You can make a chandelier in the shape of a conventional ball of twine or wool yarn for knitting. This lampshade manufacturing method is known for a long time. Inflate round balloon and wrap its threads, soaked in glue PVA or after being wrapped, well promazhte glue or starch solution. Allow to dry, then blow off the ball - your chandelier is ready. Depending on the color and thickness of the thread you can get an amazing variety of lighting fixtures, and original and practically free.

Step 4:

Not only can you change the shade or cover, you can change your frame and chandeliers. It can be painted in a different color, such as gold or silver, or black or red - depending on the style chandeliers and interior, you can wrap the rope or yarn, or gold wire, decorate with beads, sequins, beads, shards of mirror or Christmas toys , seashells, sea stones. Creative imagination, and updated chandelier in a new way to decorate your room.