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How to upholster house

Quite often people perform home siding trim. The fact that this material can be easily mounted. Moreover, it has an aesthetic appearance. At this point in DIY stores have a wide variety of siding colors.

How to upholster house

Instruction how to upholster house

Step 1:

Take your stuff on the street before you start doing the installation. There he has to lie down for about 3 hours to take the required temperature. It is necessary to fix the panel in such a way as to allow clearance for compression and expansion of panels when the outdoor temperature drops. If you mount the panel in the winter, the gap in the compression and expansion, increase up to 10 millimeters. If the facade cladding is carried out in the summer, enough to play in the 5 millimeters.

Step 2:

Keep in mind that when you need to perform the installation fitting panels at the desired length. You will need to file the edges. To do this, you need to prepare in advance for metal knife, a sharp knife and a conventional circular saw. When cutting, use protective glasses.

Step 3:

Purchase special items and accessories for corners, openings and joints. All the trim panels at home begins with a start profiles. By this line is attached first panel cladding material. In order to secure the panels around the openings of windows and doors, it is necessary to use J-channel

Step 4:

Fill the trim from the bottom up. To begin you need to start with the profile. The panels are fixed to each other by snap connection. Installable panel to join with the lower panel or with the starting strip. Then it is necessary to push up until it clicks into the lock. Panel Fixing is performed by means of nails. Make sure that it is not pressed against the crate and not stretched. It should be held at the attachment points and be in a natural form. If a strong tension panel other details can then properly connect with it, thus there will be a violation of the integrity of the lining. So, you need to nail the siding is not pressed. Note that it also should not hang.