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How to use the stove with coal

To heat the oven - pleasant experience. Furthermore, the oven is simple to operate. And this kind of solid fuel like coal is available to everyone who lives in this resource-rich country. When the furnace coal furnace is important to follow a sequence of actions that the fuel was spent efficiently, and the heat was maintained as long as possible.

How to use the stove with coal

You will need:

dry wood, coal briquettes, matches.

Instruction how to use the stove with coal

Step 1:

Clean the ash from the firebox and ash pit. Open the stove damper and check traction by putting in the firebox burning paper. The smoke must leave the chimney, not to enter the room.

Step 2:

Prepare the fuel. Make sure the dry wood. If not, then sort the damp branches and logs from the dry. Dry fit into the firebox in the first place.

Step 3:

Place in the oven melkokolotuyu wood, then - big logs. Light the kindling.

Step 4:

When the wood is burning well, sprinkle the top layer of coal of about 10 cm in height. When the coal briquettes combustion, pour another layer 15 cm. Make sure that this is the height of the coal layer has been throughout the furnace.

Step 5:

Coal briquettes prepared for firing, spread on three receptions. Before putting another batch of bricks, make sure that the coal in the furnace burned to the ground.

Step 6:

Control the heating furnace. If you overheat the furnace, then through the seams of a laying smoke and carbon monoxide gas will penetrate into the room. Firebox door open as much as possible less.

Step 7:

When the room will be warm, close to the blowing and cover? valve to the heat retained as long as possible.

Step 8:

When all the fuel will burn, embers remain. Look at them - if the flames burn down embers blue, flatten them on a grid close to the door and close it, cover. Blue Flame - This eye-catching carbon monoxide.

Step 9:

After carbon monoxide cease to stand out, wait for 10 minutes before closing the pipe. It is necessary to invisible gas burned completely. Only then close the pipe.