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How to visually enlarge the room

To make the room more spacious, is not necessarily resolved to take extreme measures and make alterations, removing or moving walls. Often, you just expand the space visually, using popular design techniques.

How to visually enlarge the room

Instruction how to visually enlarge the room

Step 1:

Carefully choose the colors. The dominant colors are not to be dark or bright, saturated. Prefer light tones - they are visually increase the space. However, this does not mean that you should use too much white. On the contrary, it is better to choose a beige, peach, green, pale blue, light pink. The fact that sterile white is often associated with operating and using it in the interior as a primary can only experienced designers.

Step 2:

Buy compact multifunctional furniture. Solid tables and sofas visually make the room more intimate small. Try to design the interior in minimalist style, functional furniture by choosing strict geometric forms without unnecessary adornments. So you not only increase the room visually, but also make it more comfortable.

Step 3:

Get rid of unnecessary items. This relates primarily to furniture, for example, close the bedroom is no place for bulky closets, so it is better to move to the hallway or living room or replace the chest. Also, do not put in a small room a dressing table with stool or banquette, because without these things it is possible to do. Pay particular attention to keeping small things: it is better to hide in cupboards and chests of drawers, otherwise it will create a sense of confusion, and the area of ​​the room visually reduced.

Step 4:

Provide good lighting. Subdued light is suitable for those who like seclusion, small and cozy rooms. If your goal - to visually enlarge the room, use lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers and table lamps, the day did not close the curtains and window blinds. Thanks to the bright light of the room will seem more spacious. The effect can be enhanced by using mirrors. While not necessarily buy them separately, enough to buy a wardrobe with mirrored doors.