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How to warm frozen sewer

Owners of private houses sometimes have to deal with the problem of sewage freezing. To her warm up, sometimes you have to break the frozen ground. But there is an easier way.

How to warm frozen sewer

Instruction how to warm a frozen sewer

Step 1:

First, check whether the frozen dirt in the sump or sewage sump. After all, the crust can interfere with runoff. Then just break the ice, and to touch the sewer pipe is not necessary.

Step 2:

For thawing frozen sewer Construct a simple device. Take the steel cable and attach the tape to the entire length of the hose from gidrourovnya.

Step 3:

One end of the hose was pushed into a sewer, and attach to the other conventional plastic bucket from under mayonnaise. To do this, heat a small piece of the tube about 5 mm in diameter and solder it to the bucket. Fit the hose from the tube gidrourovnya. Fix this bucket at a height of 1.5 meters.

Step 4:

Because of sewer pipe will leak water at first, with the help of tees make a special outlet and place a bowl.

Step 5:

Now skipyatite water in the kettle, and slowly pour in the bucket. This arrangement allows the hot water to arrive directly to the frozen area of ​​the pipe. Wait ten minutes until thawed a small portion of the pipe, and then advance the wire on the way. Again, pour hot water in a bucket. Carry out the work as long as the drainage is not completely thawed, and the water begins to quietly leave.

Step 6:

Now heat the ten liters of water and pour it down the drain, so that finally all cleaned.

Step 7:

The same device can be used for thawing plumbing. Only in this case, use the hose from the system and reduce the diameter of the cable.

Step 8:

If frozen sewer is quite far away from home, have to tear the place freezing. After his release from the soil pipe thawing it with a blowtorch or a special appliance that resembles a heating pad. To do this, wrap the self-adhesive heating pad on the pipe and connect it to the power supply.

Step 9:

But in any case, do not try to build a homemade heater and shove it into the tube - it's very dangerous.