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How to wash children's clothes

Baby things polluted much faster than adults. Wash off stubborn stains from food, grass and other materials simply. But we must remember that the use of toxic components, leading out the dirt from clothes, to be careful, because babies can be allergy attack.

How to wash children's clothes

You will need:

- children's powder; - Baby soap; - air conditioning; - Stain remover.

Instruction how to wash children's clothes

Step 1:

If the clothes do not have spots, but at the same time is very dirty, soak the items in the basin for 1-2 hours or wash any short program in the washing machine. Powder put a little less than normal, about 100 ml. In the middle of the cycle, stop the machine with water and let soak things up a bit, then turn on the same program. Then wash things with the addition of baby powder - the number of means directed on the package.

Step 2:

White children's clothes can be boiled in an enamel pot. In this type of clothes treating fresh wash out not only contamination, but also long been delivered spots. Do not forget to stir things and make sure that it was a weak boil, otherwise the foam will be abundant.

Step 3:

If contamination mainly on the sleeves, collar or knees, moisten things with water and rub the problem areas with children's soap. Let the clothes a little lie down to spots otmokli. Then wash things by hand or in a washing machine.

Step 4:

Use stain removers is not desirable, but if persistent pollution was formed on the new clothes, it is possible to make an exception. Apply to stain any stain remover. Usually contamination disappears from the tissue immediately, but it is better to wait for a while. After treatment, stains wash things with children's powder and rinse thoroughly.