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How to wash out a radiator water heater

The cause of contamination of the gas column radiator is education in its scale. As a consequence, the hot water tap pressure is reduced and its temperature decreases. Flush the radiator is possible, using the means at hand.

How to wash out a radiator water heater

You will need:

- garden sprayer; - PVC hose; - Two clamp; - Descaling agent (for example, "Silit"); - Bucket.

Instruction how to wash out a radiator water heater

Step 1:

Shut off the gas. Close the valve of the incoming water pipe. Unscrew it so that the water remained overlapped, and the entrance to the column was free. Better to do it together. One person unscrews the valve, and the second is put at the entrance of the column bucket as of pipe water flows.

Step 2:

Flush the radiator of the gas column in this way. Plug spout faucet in the kitchen or bathroom, and a stopper, turn the cold water tap. The water goes through the column in the opposite direction, washing radiator.

Step 3:

Drain the water into a bucket. Wait until it goes out of the column without mechanical impurity particles, and then proceed to descaling in the radiator.

Step 4:

Take a garden sprayer and unscrew the cap on it. Cut off the tip of the cap to the side holes. Put the resulting hole in the PVC pipe and cable clamp, hold it.

Step 5:

Connect the other end of the hose to the pipe entering the column. Secure with cable clamp. Pour into a container and spray water descaling agent in the amount indicated in the instructions to this method.

Step 6:

Screw the cap to the container. Close the hot water tap. Upload the column in about a third of the sprayer tank. The rest of the money pump in about five receptions at intervals of a few minutes. Release pressure in the pipe before each injection, opening the hot water tap.

Step 7:

Scale will be removed when the hiss of the actions of chemicals in the radiator coil stop. Connect to the water column. Open the tap and drain the water until until it is clean.