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How to wash the ceramic glass plate

The popularity of glass ceramic plates have won because of their efficiency and appearance. But clean mirror surface without damaging it, is quite difficult. Buying plate, ask what means can not be used for the maintenance, and what factors may have a negative impact on her appearance.

How to wash the ceramic glass plate

You will need:

- Special steklokeraimki scraper or razor blades; - A paper towel or soft cloth; - A weak solution of vinegar; - Glass cleaner; - Baking soda; - Special equipment for cleaning glass-ceramic.

Instruction how to wash the ceramic glass plate

Step 1:

General recommendations for cleaning the glass-ceramic panels are as follows: remove the hob leftover food, let the stove cool down. Apply cleanser. Rub it with a paper towel or soft cloth. Gently wipe with a wet towel. Wipe dry. Despite the simplicity of manipulation should take into account some of the nuances.

Step 2:

Avoid sugary mixes. At the same time on the cooking surface microcracks. If such a mixture, such as jam, still came to the plate, wipe it off immediately until the surface is still hot. In the same row the sugar is melted plastic and aluminum foil - the enemies of the glass-ceramic. Remove them wrong with a hot surface. If the stove has cooled down, warm it again.

Step 3:

Do not use metal objects for cleaning. Purchase for this purpose a special scraper. Instead, you can use a regular razor. Do not use abrasive cleaners.

Step 4:

Do not clean the plate sponge for washing dishes. It may be oil or detergent. When burned they decolorized glass ceramics.

Step 5:

Traces of water, changing the spot color, remove fat splashes cleaning agents or glass-steel products. Apply them only to permanently chilled surface. Remove limescale mild vinegar solution.

Step 6:

Do not use stain removers and oven sprays. But glass cleaner can be used. Good cleans dirt and do not spoil with the surface of baking soda.

Step 7:

You can pick out some special features, which are user reviews give good results. "Schumann" - cleans well, sold almost everywhere. «Amway» - after daily use during the week disappear even inveterate circles around the burners. «TOP HOUSE» - otchishaet well, you can buy in stores for the sale of equipment.