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How to wash the dirt

Every housewife dreams of having a house in such a powder, which as if by the wave of a magic wand would have turned the dirty laundry with a variety of stains and spots in perfectly clean. But this can only dream of, for removal of a contamination often require chemicals. Bring things in perfect purity in the home simple folk remedies, and without the aid of dry-cleaning, for which you have to pay a lot of money.

How to wash the dirt

You will need:

- Soda; - Grated soap; - Powder; - Salt; - Drill; - vinegar; - Mustard.

Instruction how to wash the dirt

Step 1:

The simplest rule of successful laundry - it is not necessary to save the dirty laundry in the basket for weeks, it is much easier to wash immediately after contamination. The second rule: must be soft water. It can be easy to determine if you pour into a glass of hot water and add a small amount of soap nastrogat. If soap is dissolved, and water cooling after the solution became clear, then pretty soft water. If the surface of the water film formed - hard water. To alleviate such water, add a few tablespoons of baking soda in a bowl with water before soaking clothes during washing or rinsing.

Step 2:

Before washing, close them to soak in a basin, it is much easier efforts scrubbing dirt and stains. Soak the white linen with warm or cold water with the powder, leave on all night. In order to wash handkerchiefs, put them in highly salted water. Coloreds recommended only soaked in cold water for 2-3 hours at the most.

Step 3:

If you do not trust a particular washing powder, you can make it yourself at home. To this mix 125 ml of soda (washing), 250 ml grated soap and 125 ml of borax which is differently called sodium tetraborate. Keep this mixture in a special box in a dry place. When rinsing things add half a cup of vinegar, so you not only get rid of the remnants of soap, but also to significantly soften the fabric.

Step 4:

Products made of linen and cotton fibers wonderful wash out with soda ash, they become perfectly white sand (especially if you add the soda machine, directly into the drum itself with linen). washing temperature should be between 50-70 degrees. Caution must be exercised with silk and woolen fabrics, soda in this case, absolutely not fit, underwear becomes brittle and hard.

Step 5:

Before you lay down heavily soiled items in the washing machine, take the mustard and mix with water. The resulting slurry was put on mustard stains and fold into the machine for subsequent washing.