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How to wash the stain of pomegranate

Garnet - a delicious and healthy fruit. But the stains from it are difficult to eliminate. even long-standing pollution can be removed with the help of folk remedies.

How to wash the stain of pomegranate

You will need:

Boiling water, alcohol, ammonia, citric acid, ammonia, refined petrol, oleic acid, sodium hydrogensulfite, glycerol, egg yolk.

Instruction how to wash the stain of pomegranate

Step 1:

Fill with fresh stain of pomegranate juice boiling water. Then wash the garment in warm soapy water and rinse.

Step 2:

Moisten a cotton swab in ethyl alcohol and gently treat the stain of pomegranate juice. If necessary, repeat the procedure. Wash the product by the usual method and rinse.

Step 3:

Fresh stains from pomegranate treat with a cotton swab dipped in liquid ammonia, from outside to inside. Then rinse the fabric.

Step 4:

Take 1 teaspoon of baking soda and dissolve in a glass of warm water. Blot the stain resulting liquid and leave it for a while. When the stain is completely gone, wash the item in warm soapy water and rinse.

Step 5:

Chronic pollution from pomegranate treat gasoline soap. To make it take 200 mL of the purified gasoline, 5 ml of ethanol and 15 ml of oleic acid. Heat the mixture, stirring constantly. Add 10 ml of ammonia solution. Once again, stir and put a cool place. Keep the soap in a dark glass container.

Step 6:

If the stains are chronic and can not be eliminate, boil the product with hydrogen peroxide. Be careful with this method. It effectively acts only on the stain resistant fabric. On colored textiles is better not to apply.

Step 7:

Dissolve in 20 ml of ethyl alcohol 2 g of citric acid. Then heat up to 40-50 ° C. Treat contaminated area of ​​tissue with a cotton swab dipped in a solution. Rinse garment in warm water with the addition of ammonia.

Step 8:

Inveterate stains from a grenade on white cloth can be derived with the help of sodium hydrosulfite. Sprinkle with powder contamination and apply using a pipette or syringe without a needle hydrogen peroxide. Then rinse clothes in warm water with vinegar. Wash the product in the usual way and dry.

Step 9:

Mix equal amounts of egg yolk and glycerine. Treat the contaminated section of the cloth with the resulting mixture and leave it up to the complete disappearance of the spot. Then rinse thoroughly with cold water.